crunkcore adjacent midwest-Reading emo music

softboys is at its heart a passion project. I have no real musical goals or ambitions, except for celebrating the fact that I now have the ability and the time to make the music that I want to make.

I had it stuck in my head for most of my life that I would never be able to play an instrument, until I finally gave it a proper try at 19 years old and realized that I genuinely could.

For me, then, making music is all about saying the things I never knew how to say until now, exploring the sadness at the core of a lot of my writing definitely, but also celebrating the personal growth I have undertaken to get to this point.

Whatever a song may say, the fact that I have the ability to say that now is the proudest achievement of my life. If you get even 1% of what I do out of any of them, you'll fall in love.

softboys x